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Surrender Project

The Surrender Project is designed for those whom have bench warrants for low level crimes, to contact the Erie County Sheriffs' Office to make arrangments for a court date to resolve your issue. In doing so, you may AVOID being incarcerated. Please contact Captain Jeff Guild at 814 451-6005. Do so today! Project


Legal Notice

Notice is hereby given that any individuals, who have had weapons confiscated from January 1ts 2010 through December 31st 2010, by Court Order from a Protection from Abuse Order will have (30) days from this date of this publication to respond in person to take possession of their weapons.

The Sheriff will dispose of all unclaimed weapons after (30) days of the date of this notice.

Sheriff John T. Loomis


8-tips to avoid Phishing Scams (published by William Francis Galvin) Secretary of the Commonwealth Securities Division)

  1. Legitimate companies will NOT use email to ask for account information, passwords, or other personal information.
  2. Call the customer service number on your account statement if the email looks suspicious.
  3. Watch for emails claiming to alert investors to a breach of security and asking you to submit personal information.
  4. If you think an eamil is supicious just hit the delete key.
  5. Watch for misspelled or an unknown company name.
  6. Watch for the site name ex. http://12345.www.
  7. Beware of the words "verify" and "update" in their website address. Companies usually do not use such words in their address.
  8. When in doubt test it out. Search the legitimate company's name in an interner search engine.


On-Going Scams across the Country

  • HMRC warns tax payers of the lasest phishing scams email phishing scams offer tax rebates to those that prove credit card information.
  • One Ring Calls- The scammer calls someones cell phone and let's it ring once, then they hang up. When the person calls back they are actually calling an international number; homever the person does not know it is an international number because scammers call from Carribbean Countries. These Carribean Countries have the same 3 digit area codes as the United States.
  • After calling the number back, they put you on hold and you will have to pay expensive international phone call fees.

Netflix Phishing Scam

The scam is initiated by a popup that appears when trying to login to Netflix, and tries to trick users into thinking their account has been hacked. If you happened to call the "Member Services" number- the one tried was disconnected. Someone from support explains that your Netflix account has been hijacked by an overseas hacker.

Phone and Utility phishing scam

A new email phishing scam making the rounds nationwide is disquised as a utility bill. The email message provides a link "view your recent bill", but clicking the link will instead prompt the download of malware, which will infect your computer. Malware is software used to disrupt computer operation and gather sensitive information.

While phishing scams come in many different forms, the defense is the same. Delete these emails and do not click on any links in them or open any attachments.


Tips to avoid becoming a victim:

  • Never give your personal identification information over the phone or computer
    • You may make an exception if you initiated the call or contact and you are certain that you are talking to a trustworthy employee of a trustworthy business
  • Never wire money to anyone claiming to be a police officer to get out of an arrest, etc.
  • Never wire money to get more money back (sweepstakes or lottery), or help someone get out of a bad situation such as an arrest, or a broken down vehicle
    • especially if the person requesting the money is not known to you personally, or the person called and claimed to be a distant relative, etc.
  • If something doesn’t feel right – pay attention to your instincts and don’t become a victim


Welcome to the Erie County Sheriff's Office. The men and women of our department are dedicated to serving and protecting the citizens of Erie County.

We pledge our commitment to doing our part to keep the community safe and help create a better quality of life for the families of Erie County.

If there is ever anything that my office can do for you, please contact me or my staff.

-John Loomis, Erie County Sheriff

Contact Info

Sheriff John Loomis
Erie County Sheriff's Office
140 West 6th Street
Erie, PA 16501

Phone: (814) 451-6007
Fax: (814) 451-6323

Chief Deputy Jon Habursky
Erie County Sheriff's Office
140 West 6th Street
Erie, PA 16501

Phone: (814) 451-6007
Fax: (814) 451-6323

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